Price vs Value

Price vs Value

I can be cheap. I admit it. Like everyone reading this, I work hard for my money and try not to spend foolishly. So when I needed a new cordless drill
diesel truck exhaust smoke

3 Types of Diesel Vehicle Exhaust Smoke

Any diesel engines built after 2008 that have exhaust treatment systems, such as a DPF, DOC, or SCR, should never blow smoke...

Should You Run Your Car on Bio-Diesel?

Bio Diesel is GREAT!

Part 2: Diesel Fuel Characteristics

In our blog post last week, we discussed the first seven of fourteen…
diesel fuel characteristics

Alliant Power Technical Bulletin - Fuel Pump Connectors

One of those reasons we partner with our suppliers is their amazing…

How to Deal with a Complicated Injection Pump

Every so often, we’re faced with an exceptionally complicated injection pump...

Nanaimo is Open for Business!

The shelves are stocked and the doors are open! We are ready for you. Feel free to come by and say ...