gord reid


For most, the start of the dog days of summer signify the heart of the season—some of the more quiet weeks of the year filled with lazy days and relaxing nights.

But for NW Fuel Injection, the beginning of August marks a time of excitement as the team gears up for a trip down to Las Vegas for the annual Association of Diesel Specialists (ADS) International Convention and Trade Show.

“I love going down to reconnect with my peers, learn about new technologies, and hearing presentations from the manufacturers we represent about future trends,” says Gord Reid, president of NW Fuel Injection, NW Diesel Service, and Island Diesel.

“The experience of being able to spend a week thinking about my business while not immersed in the day to day operation of it is a great opportunity to regroup and return to work refreshed and full of ideas.”

The convention, which runs from Aug. 8-11 this year, is a time for like-minded and passionate people to connect and trade stories about the ever-changing and evolving world of diesel. It is specifically geared toward business owners, managers, technicians, and corporate officials in the industry, and includes a variety of seminars, panels, and educational sessions, as well as networking opportunities. This year’s theme is “Navigating Your Path to the Future”.

Although it’s not Reid’s first time at the convention—he’s a regular attendee—this year will be his first time participating in a panel. The Thursday morning service member panel runs from 10:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. and will cover “How to Remain Competitive in the Drive-in Service World.” Reid will be joined by other diesel enthusiasts, Andy Girres of Diesel Specialists Inc. and Mike Perkins of Diesel Plus LLC.

“I’m hoping for a sharing of ideas,” says Reid, who has also served on the Board of Directors for ADS. “There are many different ways to accomplish a given task and be successful. Hearing how others do things can often provide a much needed alternate viewpoint. I hope there’ll be lots of questions and comments. This is a forum, not a speech.”

His advice for remaining competitive? “Stay well-trained and keep up with the new technology. We have to keep up with all the modern diesels, and know as much (if not more) than the dealers.”

The convention also features a trade show where attendees can meet one-on-one with exhibitors, learn about valuable tools and resources, and new products and services.

“I’m always excited to hear what Bosch has to say,” says Reid. “They’re by far our biggest manufacturer partner, and we’re proud to represent and service their diesel injection equipment.”

For more information on the 2017 ADS International Convention and Trade Show, visit http://diesel.org/convention.