Sewing the Fabric of Community

nw fuel at scouts camp with canadian flag

While it may take a village to raise a child, it takes just as many people to create a sense of community.

At NW Fuel and Island Diesel, we are only two players in the communities they belong to. And giving back to these communities is important to us, both through the shops and beyond.

Moving Equipment for Music

For years now, we’ve been known as the guys who have the trucks and trailers – and the ability to do the heavy lifting – at Garibaldi Secondary in Maple Ridge.

NW Fuel’s large vehicles have been put to use with the school band program, transporting the students’ instruments and equipment to various events and concerts throughout the year.

We couldn’t be more proud of Garibaldi’s band. We’ve seen the program grow from one part-time teacher to three full-time teachers and more classes than they can fathom.

nw fuel moving a piano

It all began with one enthusiastic teacher who joined the school with bold ideas and a drive to mobilize the music program at Garibaldi. Soon after, a parent committee was formed, and we were happy to be part of it.

It feels great to share in the success of the program, as its growth has been absolutely tremendous.

Giving Back to Scouts Canada on the Island and Mainland

Divided into smaller groups of about five to 12 youth with one or two leaders, each group is self-sufficient, embarking on activities such as snow golf and obstacle courses during the days, and participating in a parking lot dance and talent show during the evenings.

NW Fuel plays a supporting role, ensuring the equipment is in good condition, tents are heated and the generators for the dance have fuel.

This past February marked 45 years of the winter camping excursion – the longest running annual camp in Canada.

Island-side, Island Diesel works with the older groups, providing guidance and mentorship to Scouts (11-14 years old) and Venturer Scouts (15-18 years old).

We assist with maintaining an old diesel van, which is used to store and transport gear, while the shop has been used as a meeting space.

When we’re not working in the shops, we’re having fun in our communities and take great joy in participating in various community events.

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