Diesel Emissions Control Systems

A Diesel Particulate Filter is a trap, not a filter.  Visible particles cannot get through this 'filter'.  If you see black smoke on a modern diesel, it's either been illegally modified, or this 'filter' is physically damaged.

NW Fuel: At the Cutting Edge of Diesel Fuel Injection Testing and Repair

Leaders, not followers. So much of what we do at NW Fuel revolves around this simple philosophy. Not only do we strive to know the industry trends of today, we learn about what’s coming down the pipeline tomorrow as well.
pure power turbocharger nw fuel

Refurbished Pure Power Turbos Exclusively at NW Fuel

NW Fuel is excited to announce our exclusive partnership with Pure Power Technologies to start supplying their re-manufactured turbos.
bosch clean room testing bench

NW Fuel Opens Bosch Certified Testing Cleanroom

We are now equipped with a Bosch-certified cleanroom where we can assemble and calibrate common rail injectors right in our fuel shop. This new addition means we no longer have to send common rail injectors back to Bosch to be rebuilt, which improves our turnaround time for our customers.
turbocharger failture

Why Buy OEM Turbochargers?

Cheap parts (often with an unknown or dubious origin) to your engine are basically like fast food to our bodies, it doesn't like it and it won't last long!
ford powerstroke truck on highway

NW Fuel Launches Online Diesel Parts Store

We’re excited to announce a new service for our customers and further enhance your user experience when working with NW Fuel Injection: the launch of our online store.
black ford pickup truck towing a camping trailer

What is Summer Blend Diesel Fuel Used For?

Whether you're towing a boat, trailer, or not towing at all, there's a reason why drivers are using summer blend diesel fuel. Read more about the benefits of summer diesel fuel here.
diesel vs gas

3 Reasons Why There's Never Been a Better Time to Buy a Diesel

Bold statement right? Here are 3 compelling reasons why you would choose a diesel vehicle over a gas vehicle.
2018 nissan titan midnight edition

2018 Diesel Trucks: How They Compare Against Each Other

The year was 2007, and it was a poorly kept secret that Ford, Dodge, and GM were all preparing to release light-duty pickup trucks with diesel engines. It was all pretty exciting. Then, in the blink of an eye, it was 2008, and the Great Recession hit.
white suv driving on snow covered road

How to Make Your Diesel Fuel Last in the Winter

Lower temperatures mean lower mileage from your diesel fuel and lower energy content. Fortunately, there are ways to slow down the effects of Old Man Winter when it comes to your diesel fuel.