Pure Power Turbo Talk

pure power refurbished turbos

NW Fuel is excited to announce our exclusive partnership with Pure Power Technologies to start supplying their re-manufactured turbos.

We are the exclusive supplier for quality Powerstroke and Duramax turbos, for both your Ford 6.0L or your Chevy 6.6. You’re getting better-than-OEM quality but without the expensive OEM pricing.

Every turbo goes through rigorous testing prior to us receiving them, so we know that we’re supplying the highest of quality for your truck so you don’t have to worry.

Pure Power, who has been supplying our Ford and Navistar injectors for years, was formerly exclusive to Navistar. Only recently did they expand their product offering to the aftermarket world, and we jumped on the opportunity to start supplying their product.

If it’s good enough for Ford, it’s good enough for us!