We’re at the Cutting Edge of Diesel Fuel Injection Testing and Repair

Leaders, not followers.

So much of what we do at NW Fuel revolves around this simple philosophy. Not only do we strive to know the industry trends of today, we learn about what’s coming down the pipeline tomorrow as well.

We achieve this by attending meetings to learn more about the industry and where it’s going, participating in ongoing training sessions, and never shying away from taking on new challenges.

And as we begin the New Year and move deeper into the winter season, we have some exciting updates to share that are helping us remain at the cutting edge of all things diesel, allowing us to better serve our clients.

Common Rail Injector Rebuilding

Last fall, we took a leap towards investing in the future of our industry by installing a Bosch-certified cleanroom where we can assemble and calibrate common rail injectors right in our fuel shop. The addition means we can offer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)-approved remanufactured injectors, built to the same high standards as the original manufacturer.

We now have several staff members who have undergone rigorous training to learn how to work, oversee, and troubleshoot this equipment.

And while we’re not at full production speed yet, we have already noticed a difference in the past few months in our ability help our customers with this new equipment.

Most people think of pick-up trucks as the primary users of common rail injectors, but in reality, they are found in a variety of engines, including marine, industrial, and agricultural equipment. As the injectors themselves are quite similar, the rebuilding process is too, meaning we have now been able to reach and serve a wider range of clients in their injector needs.

Laser Etching Comes to NW Fuel

Laser etching is becoming a new industry standard for marking metal, as it gives the equipment a clean and professional look.

We are now the owners of a laser-etching machine, which, not only allows us to label and serialize our own injectors but also allows us to provide brand labelling, if we’re rebuilding injectors for others. This means we can put your company’s name on the injectors we build for you, helping you better promote your product.

Ultrasonic Cleaning at Island Diesel in Nanaimo

ultrasonic cleaning on diesel engine partsAnd lastly, we have now added an ultrasonic cleaning machine to our Nanaimo location, providing a new and exciting service to our island clients. While we’ve previously been able to ultrasonically clean gasoline injectors, this new machine now allows us to clean diesel injectors and small component parts as well. This is especially useful after a “contamination event”, like diesel exhaust fluids (DEF) in your diesel tank.

We hope you have all had a great start to the year, and we look forward to sharing future updates as 2019 unfolds!