Why Do 6.0L Injectors Fail?

Ford 6.0L Powerstroke

Due to the original design 6.0L injectors have an extremely high failure rate that leads to hard start and no start situations, rough idle, white smoke, poor fuel economy and poor performance. Alliant sells remanufactured 6.0l injectors by PurePower, an OE injector manufacturer, and backs them with a 24 month, UNLIMITED mileage warranty.

Why do 6.0l injectors fail?

6.0l injectors use low-pressure diesel fuel, high-pressure engine oil, and high voltage to operate properly. Problems with any of these three will lead to premature injector failure. When replacing injectors it’s important to know why the old ones failed which is something we can help you determine with heui injector testing.

Why do 6.0L Powerstrokes have problems?

6.0L powerstroke engines have earned a poor reputation, which is perhaps not fully deserved.  They are intolerant to horsepower increases and extended maintenance intervals, however, if you take care of them properly you can expect a long life.

What happens when a diesel injector fails?

Diesel injector failure often shows up as white or blue exhaust smoke, accompanied by a noticeably rough running engine.

How long do injectors last?

With proper care and maintenance of the engine, you can expect a diesel injector to last between 200,000 and 300,000 kilometres.