Mechanical Injector Testing and Rebuilding Service

There are many types of diesel fuel injectors and we’re able to provide assistance with all of them. Although older technology, one of the most common types is still the mechanical diesel fuel injector.

Mechanical injector service begins with a test for spray pattern, nozzle chatter, opening pressure, and leaks. Unlike gasoline fuel injectors, we’re able to take apart mechanical injectors, resulting in a more thorough internal examination. We disassemble and inspect the injector, looking for wear, reusable parts, repairable parts, and replaceable parts.

After assembly and calibration, we again check for opening pressure, spray patterns, nozzle chatter, and leaks. When possible, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) nozzles are used, and all mechanical injectors are returned with a complete installation of washers and seals.

We test and overhaul a variety of mechanical injectors, including:

  • Conventional mechanical injectors
  • 2-spring mechanical injectors (measuring both primary and secondary opening pressures)
  • Most diesel engines prior to 2000
  • Some off-road engines prior to 2010
Mechanical Injector Testing

The OEM advantage

Using OEM-authorized equipment to test OEM products provides the most efficient and precise way to examine modern-high-pressure fuel components.

Learn more about what we do when we test and service your diesel injectors, and why we choose to partner with Bosch.