It’s not an uncommon sight at our shop: Somewhere down the line, someone has decided to either fix their own injectors, or more commonly, purchase the cheapest injectors they could find. These injectors then make their way to us for testing, since the truck is either still running poorly, or the replacement of these injectors has created new issues that weren’t there before.

Just the other day, we had a client—an auto repair shop—send us a set of aftermarket  injectors (from an unknown but dubious source) that had recently been installed. Well, almost 13 hours (and many more dollars) later, we tested his suspect injectors, confirmed what we suspected—they were worse than the originals—and replaced the injectors with eight genuine Bosch units. His truck has never run better.

It was an expensive mistake to make, but a valuable lesson learned.

This is one of the main reasons we choose to partner with Bosch, our largest trading partner. For us, having a genuine injector from an authorized Bosch facility is the only way to guarantee you’re getting a quality injector.

Pushing the envelope

When more than three-quarters of the diesel vehicles in North America today use Bosch injectors, you know they’re doing something right.

The company is no stranger to the diesel business; yet, it’s never become complacent. The Bosch teams are constantly investing in research and development to remain on the cutting edge.

The result is a product line and wide range of services that are innovative, efficient, and not afraid to evolve and adapt to remain a leader in the field.

Getting authorized

Becoming a Bosch-authorized facility—and remaining one—is no easy feat, but a standard we intend to keep.

It means annual visits from a Bosch representative to your shop to test your equipment and assess your tools. He/she brings a master pump to ensure your equipment is running the way it’s supposed to, and a checklist to ensure you possess the right tools.

A few years ago, we purchased the first Bosch EPS205 desktop bench in Western Canada, as part of a requirement to keep our authorization. It is the only warranty approved desktop style bench for Bosch Common Rail Injectors.

We’ve never looked back. The bench has been absolutely fantastic, and so have our other products. A big benefit of partnering with Bosch is knowing we can expect a certain level of quality when it comes to our injectors—a benefit ultimately passed on and enjoyed by our customers.

A true partnership

And it’s a partnership in the truest sense of the word, extending far beyond a vendor/supplier relationship.

With authorization, we have access to the larger Bosch-authorized network and supports, resources, how-to procedures, and Bosch training schools for our employees—a condition for anyone working for a Bosch-authorized company.

But on the other hand, we provide a valuable service for Bosch as well. We’re part of a network able to offer the right expertise required to service their products.

For more information on why Bosch is a leader in the industry, visit www.choosetherightinjector.com.

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