Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Unit #101 – 18940 94th Ave, Surrey, BC.  This is on the north side of Highway 1, right beside Finning.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. However, we are closed on all Stat Holidays.

What product brands do you offer?

We offer many different, high quality product brands: Bosch, PurePower, Alliant Power, Stanadyne, Yanmar, Delphi, Dipaco, Denso, FASS and others.  We will never offer for sale something we wouldn’t install on our own vehicles!

What is fuel additive?

Diesel fuel may not contain enough lubricity for today’s modern fuel injection systems.  We offer Stanadyne Performance Formula which adds back that necessary lubrication, along with a cetane enhancement (increasing your fuel economy and power), as well as many other features.   We also offer Stanadyne’s Cleaning Additive (specifically formulated for occasional use on common rail engines) to help keep things clean and running at peak efficiency.

Can you test my injectors?

Most of the time, yes!  But if you have an oddball application, please call first!  We can test 99% of common rail, HEUI style, injector, and electronic unit injectors in service today. Click here for our testing prices.

Can you test my pump?

Can we test it?  Usually.  Should we test it?  Often not.  Why?  By talking to you in detail about the faults you’re experiencing, the type of pump, and other information, we will often recommend against testing a pump.  This is with your best interest in mind!  We want to help you spend your hard earned money wisely, and often it’s better spent NOT testing your pump.  Please call us first if you’re contemplating a test.

How much is it to test my injectors?

Every style is different.  Click here for a list of our prices, if you’re not sure what kind you have there is a description and sample photos on our price list page. 

Can you fix my turbo?

In short, usually.  There are a few newer electronically controlled turbos we simply provide factory (OEM) replacements for instead due to their complexity, but either way, we can help.

What brand of injectors do you sell?

PurePOWER, Alliant Power, Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Yanmar…  we offer OEM or better level quality products.

Do you offer performance nozzles?

We do not offer performance nozzles, but if requested we can install your supplied performance nozzles on your injectors.

How long does testing take?

Testing varies per product and depends on how much work is here ahead of you.  If time is tight, let us know what you’re looking to get tested and we will be able to give you a better time frame.

Where Can I find reliable information on the global diesel industry?

We have found that dieselnet.com consistently provides accurate, relevant, and unbiased information on the global diesel industry.

What is your product warranty?

Our product warranty is 12 months, unlimited kms from invoice date.

What is your service warranty?

Our service warranty is 12 months, unlimited kms from invoice date.

What is your return policy?

Our return policy is within one year and is in good, sellable condition. All electronics are a final sale with no exceptions.

Why can’t you quote me by phone?

While we can often provide a price range, we are unable to provide accurate quotes over the phone as we need lots of information regarding the product in order to get an understanding of the condition it is in. Often the only way to get a good understanding of the condition is for our techs to open up the product and inform us. Once we determine the condition we are able to provide an accurate quote and time frame for completion. We will not do any further work until the customer has approved the quote.