September 28

Celebrating 50 Years in the Diesel Industry

Celebrating 50 Years in the Diesel Industry
The NW Fuel staff are here to serve you.
July 3

NW Fuel Open Online Diesel Parts Store

online diesel parts
In July of 2018, Gord recognized an opportunity to provide our customers across Canada with quality OEM parts for their diesel engines.
June 15

NW Fuel Injection certified as Bosch common rail injectors rebuilders

NW Fuel Injection certified as Bosch common rail injectors rebuilders
In 2018, we started renovating again, this time building a laboratory grade ‘clean room’ for the assembly of Bosch common rail injectors.  The OEM equipment package was purchased, intensive training at Bosch’s Chicago facility soon followed, and we are now proud to be one of the very few shops actually certified to rebuild these injectors.
December 5

Truck repair division sold, rebrands as Diamond Diesel

Truck repair division sold, rebrands as Diamond Diesel
Growth of our truck repair division continued and in 2017 a deal was struck to sell that division to long time manager Landis Schray.  They have re-branded as Diamond Diesel, and Landis continues to expand the company.
November 28

Upgraded Bosch Test Bench

Upgraded Bosch Test Bench
2016 was also the year we added another Bosch test bench to our facility – their flagship “EPS815” fully computer controlled pump and injector test bench.
July 28

Island Diesel’s manager, Grant, is a Vancouver Island Native

Grant was born and raised on the Island, was already working in a related industry, and most importantly, he eats and breathes diesel, owning several diesel-powered vehicles himself.
April 11

Island Diesel Injection opens

Island Diesel Injection
In 2016 we identified an opportunity and teamed up with Vancouver Island native Grant Williamson to open Island Diesel Injection in Nanaimo.
September 11

2010’s: A Period of Growth, Expansion and Reinvestment

Gord at ADS 2016
2010 to present has been a period of growth, expansion, and reinvestment.  We are proud to be considered experts in the industry and considered industry leaders within our own peer group as well. Gord was honoured to have been nominated and elected to a position on the Board of Directors with the Association of Diesel Specialists.  During his two terms, he was heavily involved in the shaping and growth of our industry worldwide and brought many of those ideas back to the business locally.
March 4

Bosch Common Rail Injector Testing

Bosch Common Rail Injector Testing
Having relocating the truck shop, we finally had more available space within our main facility, and renovations began, adding a dedicated injector testing room. We were the first in Canada to take delivery of a new, state of the art, testing machine made “by Bosch, for Bosch” common rail injector testing.  While we had already been testing these injectors using other equipment, this improved both our accuracy and capacity, as well as allowing us to perform warranty analysis on Bosch products on their behalf.
March 3

NW Diesel Moves into a Bigger Space

truck shop
We saw tremendous growth in our truck repair division, and in 2014 we had outgrown the space and moved down the street to a larger building.
February 1

Gord & Arran Reid take over NW Fuel Injection

Gord and Arran Reid
February 1, 2008, Gord & Arran Reid officially became the owners of NW Fuel Injection
March 15

NW Fuel Injection Welcomes Dean

In 2006, NW Fuel Injection welcomed Dean to the team. Day to day operation was handed off to Dean and Gord, and Ken began to think ahead about retirement.
August 11

NW Fuel Offers CAT Rebuilding

NW Fuel Offers CAT Rebuilding
With James’ arrival and previous experience, this allowed NW Fuel to get into CAT pump rebuilding, and to this day we offer CAT pump overhauls and repairs for all customers, including the OEM dealer themselves.  Chances are if your machine was repaired by the OEM dealer, and the fuel system was serviced, the work could have been done by NW Fuel.
November 28


This test bench was used in our shop until 2003 – now that’s a good life.
October 3

Another New Home for NW Fuel

NW Fuel building
In 2003, NW Fuel Injection (1983) moved to Port Kells, Surrey. Not long after the move, we were joined by experienced technician James from another shop.  James was looking for a change, and we are proud to call him our Shop Foreman today.
March 18

Mike at the Victoria Convention

Mike at the Victoria Convention
In the Spring of ’99, NW Fuel was pleased to welcome our colleagues from across Canada, co-hosting the Canadian Regional ADS meeting in beautiful Victoria.
March 5

NW Fuel officially begins working on vehicles

NW Fuel officially begins working on vehicles
The latter half of the 90’s saw NW Fuel officially begin working on vehicles.  Ken had always taken on the odd vehicle job here and there, but it wasn’t until Gord arrived that things really got going officially.  As trucks went high tech, so did we!  This meant a large investment in scan tools and training, but Ken and Gord always believed that if you can’t do the job properly, you shouldn’t do it at all.
March 28

Learning and Having Fun at the ADS Convention

PDR Sean and Ken at ADS
NW Fuel has always been a proud member of the Association of Diesel Specialists (ADS).  In this photo, NW’s owner, Ken, is the one in the colourful tie. Do you recognize anyone else?
August 2

NW Fuel Injection brings on Operations Manager – Gord

Operations Manager Gord
In 1996 Ken and Faith Byron took a leap and hired an Operations Manager.  By then it was getting so busy they hadn’t had a real vacation in years. Gord was the first employee they’d ever hired that didn’t arrive with a tool box, and wasn’t expected to punch a time clock to earn a paycheque.
January 8

The 90’s – A decade of steady growth

The 90’s – A decade of steady growth
The 90’s was a decade of steady growth for NW Fuel Injection. In 1992, owner Ken Byron was impressed at the work ethic of a young man working across the street at the local Subway. He offered Jef a job cleaning parts and sweeping up. Last year we were proud to celebrate Jef’s 25th anniversary with NW Fuel Injection.