What Does a Cleaning Room Look Like in a Diesel Injector Repair Shop?

Hint: Ours Needed an Equipment Update and a Deep Clean

NW Fuel Injector parts cleaning room

We’ve been pushing boundaries at NW Fuel, both physically and mentally.

We recently gave our diesel engine parts cleaning room a full makeover in an effort to improve our processes, streamline our workflow and better service our customers.

The cleaning room, which contains equipment, such as, the solvent tanks and hot water wash tanks, is the room where dirty parts and pieces are taken to be cleaned before reassembly. It’s usually the dirtiest room in most shops. And ours was no exception.

It all started with the need for a new hot water wash machine, which, naturally, was going to lead to a new sink, which, of course, would then require a new counter.

So, instead of renovating piece by piece, we decided to take a weekend and give the whole room a facelift with new paint, new lights – the works.

The renovation took a whole team approach with those who work in the cleaning room the most having a great amount of input into the new design.

We’re all very excited about the finished product, and we’re looking forward to further boosting our productivity and optimizing our services.

But the boundary-pushing didn’t stop there.

We also challenged our knowledge. Back in 2014, we switched to a new business management software – a big step for any small business, and one that has certainly paid off for us.

As a big believer in the pay-it-forward philosophy, we recently had the opportunity to host staff members from another shop for a few days, as they were looking to test the software and purchase it for their own business.

nw fuel mentors other shop owners

The opportunity provided a time for us to look back and reflect on our own processes and improve them. If, for example, our visitors had questions we couldn’t answer, it allowed us to see where our weak spots were and work to improve them. All in all, it was a good challenge for our team.

As we continue to grow, these types of opportunities let us evolve, predicting demand and proactively scheduling supplies to better serve our clients.