dirty injector

What We Do When We Test and Service Your Diesel Injectors

How we service diesel fuel injectors is quite different and the process is considerably more complicated than gasoline injectors.
featured image of boat in water for winterize your marine diesel article

How to Winterize Your Marine Diesel Engine

Free Checklist Included! Six steps to winterize your diesel marine engine and protect your investment.
price versus value

Should You Buy Inexpensive Fuel Injectors?

If your rebuilt injectors fail sooner than they should, was the "savings" really worth it?
NW Fuel at ADS International Convention

7 Things We Learned at the ADS International Convention

Like previous trips to the ADS Convention, we returned to our respective shops full of information. Here are 7 things we learned.
Gord Reid of NW Fuel

Gord Reid Speaks at ADS Trade Show and Convention

“I love going down to reconnect with my peers, learn about new technologies, and hearing presentations...
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When an Online Diesel Part Purchase Goes Wrong

In honour of #Canada150 (and based on recent events), we thought it was a good...
Toyota Land Cruiser

What's the Deal with Winter Diesel Fuel?

Temperatures can drop to minus 30 or minus 40 degrees Celsius in some parts of Canada. These frigid temperatures can create starting problems if your diesel engine.
Diesel Engine Calibration

Reduction of Exhaust Smoke

The folks at Southwest Contracting asked us to perform an experimental modification to the injection pump in a CAT 3306 trailer-mounted engine that powers an air compressor.
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Injector Connector or Fuel Feed Tubes

Fuel under high pressure needs to be transported from the pump or rail to the injector inlet in order to run the engine and give your truck power it needs.