How the Line Up of 2018 Diesel Trucks Compare Against Each Other

The year was 2007, and it was a poorly kept secret that Ford, Dodge, and GM were all preparing to release light-duty pickup trucks with diesel engines. It was all pretty exciting. Then, in the blink of an eye, it was 2008, and the Great Recession hit. Suddenly the automakers were in trouble. They made the only smart decision they could at the time – they scrapped anything that wasn’t a guaranteed seller.

Fast forward 10 years – it’s 2018, and we’re pretty excited all over again. Everywhere you go, you see diesel SUVs (GM, Jeep, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Land Rover) along with cars (VW, GM, BMW, Jaguar).  (Source: Clean Diesels Available in the USA)

And of course, we’re all used to seeing the big pickup trucks. Truly, it’s rare to find a 1-ton pickup on the road that isn’t diesel powered.

But it’s the newest entries into the market we’re most excited about. There is a significant crowd that wants a diesel pickup as their daily driver but doesn’t want a great big 1-ton truck with 20” wheels, huge towing power, and a harsher ride than its smaller counterpart.  Yes, generally referred to as the ½ ton trucks (although that terminology is dated and really doesn’t apply anymore), the Dodge 1500, GM 1500, and Ford F150, along with the Nissan Titan, and soon the Jeep Wrangler Pickup, are either already here or will be soon!

Media people across the globe are driving, rating, and reviewing these trucks, and frankly, we don’t have the time and budget to do this ourselves (sorry guys, no new trucks to drive!), but one thing we couldn’t find easily was all the comparative specs in the same place. So, we decided to do it ourselves.

Disclaimer: all this information is from other sites on the internet. And you know what they say: “I read it on the internet; it must be true!”  We’ve just collected it and put it in the same place. Hope you enjoy!

Dodge Eco DieselNissan TitanGM ColoradoFord F150GM 1500
Torque (ft-lbs)420555369440305
Mileage (mpg)26.7 (city) / 19.4 (hwy)15 (avg)20 (city) / 29 (hwy)30 (avg)18 (city) / 24 (hwy)
Towing Capacity (lb)8,610 (lbs)12,350 (lbs)7,710 (lbs)11,400 (lbs)12,000 (lbs)
Payload Capacity (lb)1,330 (lbs)2,330 (lbs)2,020 (lbs)2,260 (lbs)

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